Saturday, December 29, 2007

This Is Your Life/Part 1_video

This is the first video from a series of exercise videos I've been creating, titled “This Is Your Life”
It was done while staying at a location in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, in 2004.
The technique of a “Kick And A Half’ was developed by me (I believe), as a self defense act, growing up as a kid in Tel Aviv.
Bev, who appears in the video as a guest star was the lady who was the cook, and took care of the premises.
I developed more exercise videos, as : "Workout With Jesus", "In Pain And Kicking", and more.
I also have a bunch of instructional videos that deal with topics as: cooking eating (in the proper and passionate way), things to do with your 10 years old daughter, juggling, acting (for kids), how to create a name for yourself, and more...

The one here is, particullary, good for cardio.

From the editing table_Nell's Shoot (12/28/07)

There's so much I want to put on my blog, including the few hours of videos I was taping in the past couple of days...
Part of my upcoming DVD "This is Your Life" project...
And of course, there so much of the past that I feel the urge to share with you....
But I got to keep it real, and to show what I'm doing in the stills department "at the moment"...

So, let's view a few stills from a still shoot I did For my friends Mieke and Zach (of the band "Nell") last night (12/28/07)
They're nice guys, and could be photogrpahed that way very well, as you can see here:

But they wanted something edgy...and striking, but clean...
So we got these type of images:

BTW, Zach was doing the retouching on the two images displayed on the right side above...
Handsome and a very multi-talented guy.
We did a bunch of situations in the hallway, and on my roof,

For some reason, he came up with this passionate-aggressive (maybe) gesture with his hand on her face, and we went with it...
I like the voyeristic effect of the silo around the image, which I've been incorporationg in my shoots quite a lot in the past few months... I'm also intrigued by the "headshot" of Mieke with the harsh light, and her buffled gaze, although I do appreciate her beauty in the image at the top with natural light.

My father

My daughter woke me up a few nights ago to a dream about my father.
He appeared in the dream as a photographer, who came to me with a glass plate of a negative he shot, and I offered to do a contact sheet of the plate.
It didn't surprise me (in the dream, as well as when I woke up), that he's a photographer...for some reason that I'm not sure of yet...
Although , in real life he was an electrician, who was installing electric structures in institutions and private homes in Tel Aviv, Israel, doing repairs for electronic items, and owned an electric supplies store (that was run by my mother).
The picture above was taken when he was sent to Buchenwald concentration camp in Poland by the Nazis.
He was prisoner #129135, and he was doing labor there for three years.
Out of 7 siblings only three remained alive after WW2.
Upon his capture, when my father was asked by the Nazis what his occupation was, he made up the story that he was an electrician, so they kept him alive.
He picked up the trade as he was going about it, and survived the medical experiments that were held in that camp.
My father and his brother, Zelig, escaped from the camp a few days before the American troops were approaching the area.

Friday, December 21, 2007

NY Scene 1

This is a photograph I took in the late 80's in NYC , (I moved to NY in 1985)
The designer and stylist is Andre Walker, who just came into the NY scene from London.
He is genius. Really ! (although, "genius" is a common word in the fashion jargon).
I just bumped into him a few month ago, in the Summer of 2007 (after not seeing him for about 15 years), and it was a celebration!
We collaborated, again, and I shot the cover image of his upcoming magazine called "Tiwimuta".

My daughter_ At The Dr.

This is a photo that I took of my daughter, while we paid a visit to the Dr. in 1999.
She is aware that his diagnosis is very important, since it might affect her future, and she is listening to him talking to me and her Mom, but she is at a young age that wouldn't allow her to understand his words (or, maybe she did).

Now that I am an orphan

Now that I am an orphan (I don't mean to sound self pitty at all), I became the first, the carrier, the leader on this Earth.
I do have to report , though, to 3 principles;
1)God. This is the force that will support and direct me so that my actions and thoughts would not hurt nobody.
2)Myself, my self consciousness.
3)My daughter, since everything that I'm doing will affect her and her next generations to come.
I took this picturte in 2003.

In memory of my parents

The first posting is dedicated to my parents.
Without them I would be nothing, and in honor to them, I dropped my first name.
I took this photo in 1983.