Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh, Polaroid

Photo©Rafael Fuchs of Wyatt Mitchell_Design Director
The era of Polaroid is over (untill, at least, another company will buy it....Probably Bill Gates/ Getty, but this is just my personal prediction).
Here is an image of a print made of the negative of a Pos-Neg 4x5" B&W Polaroid (sorry to be technical) I took last year of Wyatt Mitchell who used to work at that time as a Director of Design for Vibe magezine, and since then he blazed through Oprah magazine and settled in SF, working for Wired .

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Juergen Teller's opening

I had an urge to mingle amongst the beautiful crowd ,
So, I went to Juergen's opening at Lehmann Maupin in Chelsea...
I liked his display: the photos on the table, with a protective glass...
So close, yet so far...
from his subjects.
See here a 10 minutes video I took while roamimng the gallery and outside, next to the German hotdogs that were served.
You'll, probably, recognize at least one person from the "art and beautiful people world" (and, maybe, yourself).
Don't miss the "spectacular" ending of this video...