Wednesday, December 31, 2008

North of Israel_photos_hope for peace in The Middle East

It is very sad that the violence erupted again between the Israelies and the Hamas in the Gaza Strip area. (I thought that there is a significant difference between the "Hezballah" and the "Hamas".)
Let's hope for peace in the next year, 2009 !!! Please !
Here are some photos from one of the trips I did to Israel with Tulah. This one was in the Summer of 2007. (It's in a slideshow form...with some music I used to listen to as a kid, growing up in Tel Aviv).
We were a few days in Tel Aviv, but then we headed North for 3 days: The Galilee, Kefar Nahum (The church), The Galilee lake, Safed (The center of the Kabbalah), Rosh Pina (used to be a "Hippie"...I mean"Spiritual" town back then, in my student days) , and more.
Enjoy !

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

5 years ago_Happy Holidays !

I "stumbled" upon these pictures of myself in the old loft in Williamsburg (2003) where I had all these archival big prints on the walls (today they are "artist's proofs,,,usually edition of 7. The ones I took from the walls before I moved out would be the affordable prints).
Hey, hopefully it won't take me so long to show you what I have on my walls now, in my newer loft ( most of the new prints are framed now).