Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bushwick_The Struggle_episode 1 : Moving In

Hello my friends,
So, I revealed the first (free) episode of my new movie "Bushwick_The Struggle". It's about 5 minutes long.
The whole movie is an hour movie (in 7 chapters) that has a new direction of my personal documentary of my past 7 years in Bushwick.
Bitter or'll decide.
I don't even want to start saying what changes have happend in my life...parralel to the changes that I witnessed in Bushwick.
I will release the next by one...only to the people who would  participate (or are participating) in my book project effort at
So, if you like the episode above, please contribute at the book project and you'll be receiving the password for the upcoming episodes !!!:)
Who knows, maybe ur in it already :)
Thanks in advance,