Sunday, June 15, 2008

Andre Walker is the man

Amazing fashion designer and a collaborator.

Happy father's Day_Talk to me

35 Millions

I was there.
This Leger painting was sold for 35M.
After such an event,
you wander aimlessly in the streets of NY, celebrating the victory of art,
and/or asking yourself What the hell are you doing?
Why bother with anything?
Things are so unproportionless !
But (as I was advised by a gallery owner), the best thing to do is just keep doing !

It makes sense now

I like it

That's crazy, but not really

So, yes, here's another clue for the project I'm working on .
Please, don't hesitate to ask me more.
(I feel like I'm talking to myself here, but that's OK).

That's fantastic

That's fantastic....Thinking about one thing,
Having a plan to show another thing, and ending up with something completely different.
But it all make sense.
Here is an image (actually two)that I took in Costa Rica last month.
It belongs to a project I started, that I can't tell u much about (before I seal the book deal).

I am an American now

Big hello to all my 2.382 fans (probably less, since the number is the visits on my blog in March).
Big apology also to everyone, since I was not communicating (blogwise) for over two months !!!!
I was just too busy to write.
Where shall I start ?
I gathered 87 photos that I'd like to post, that will pour some highlights on my activities in the past two months (btw, the cooking video is edited, and I'm going to start showing it to the right people soon)...but I want to save u the trouble of seeing so much at once.
I'll write now for a couple of hours (till I drop), and upload images as well, to illuminate my thoughts/activities.
Actually, I'll drop images that don't illuminate my thougts in the order of me writing, but just in the order of them grab me as I look at them in the "Bridge" application.
So, here's Triple H , An American wrester, an image I took a while ago, and I emailed it recently to a nice lady I met while shooting an event for a fund raising (Her son is a wrestler).