Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Outakes images from the trip to Barcelona and Costa Brava

So,the trip was AMAZING !!!!
Gaudi,Picasso,Dali, the beaches,Barrio Gotico,Cadaques,Monserrat,Figueres,the food,the people...
Who'd have thunk that travel photography is so much fun !
(Sometimes you have to wake up while it's still dark...but it definitely worth it, to rub shoulders with the Sun, as she rises).
It was 3 days shoot for a travel magazine , and some extra days in between.
Here are some outakes from the trip. You can see also a couple of photographs that I took of my daughter, who got inspired (as well as myself) after the visit at the Picasso Museum, and wanted me to photograph her with the sun screen on her face, so she could draw her portrait afterwards, in a cubist way (maybe).
You can even spot me walking on the beach (shot by her), blending with the buildings of Cadaques ("The most beautiful town", as Dali said in the 70's, while he was partying with The Rolling Stones, and others.)
The blue tiles of the "corridor of light", situated in the center of Gaudi's house, Casa Battlo, (what an amazing way to have all the rooms filled with natural light) are so beautiful.What a genius he was ! And the roof !!! Almost out of body experience.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Off to Barcelona

I'm off to Barcelona (August 9-20th.) for a photo gig for a travel magazine, and art explorations as well.

Art Basel Miami_last year

I know, it's almost one year later, but here I post a small compilation of art attractions that caught my eye last November (and therefore were caught by my lens). You can see also part of my participation in the "hoopla"

Sunday, August 3, 2008