Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cooking videos

I shot three cooking videos last week, staring myself and a model.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


The first time that I saw a naked woman while I was an adolescence was from my classmate's (Yoram Mozes) appartment. His window was facing a boarding house for Israeli female soldiers (in tel Aviv) , and I saw a naked young woman doing sit-ups on her bed , before going to sleep.
This series that I did as a student echoes that experience, as well, is a visual translation to my thoughts, that men have to workout, in order to be attarctive.
The red coloring on the top occured from the chrome being exposed to the light before getting developed. (same as happened with the image in my last post).

Inspired by Picasso inspired by Velasquez

This a selp-portrait I did while being a student .
I used the menniquen as a stand-in, and it also interprets my concept of an artist being a non-human, passive, voyer, observer, non-participant in the organic course of life(even amputated), but still, get honors (flowers) for his contribution.
I was attending a class, at the time,about Picasso (led by the curator Moti Omer), and was inspired by the version of Picasso to the painting "Las Manitas" ( English: The Maids of Honour) of , originally, Velasquez.(1656)
In his version, Picasso enlarges and enhances the figure on the left, who is the artist himself.It's obvious, that it gives the artist a more significant role than the Royal daughter herself, who is "supposed" to be the subject of the painting.