Friday, May 15, 2009

Robert Frank with my book "I Am Amerikan"

A couple of weeks ago I had a huge epiphany when (the) Robert Frank took his time and was going over my new (self) published book "I Am Amerikan" (title pending) that I just released.
I've known Robert for many years, and he is , by far, my top hero when it comes to photography. He is also a very generous man, since he took his time to look at my book, and gave me some comments.
From a few questions and suggestions that he had, and from the length of time he was spending on each picture I gather that out of about 100 images in my book, there are about 15 that I should keep. That's a good start :)
I do need an editor though !
I am in a process of re-editing the book, but this special (second) edition of 300 books (almost all sold out) will be always unique.