Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Red Bushard Project

Today is an important day, since I uploaded on my site one of the drafts (could be the final, if you ask me)for my first brochure of The Red Bushard Project.
It's in the projects section of one of my websites : www.fuchs.us.com
The Red Bushard project started at around the year 2000, when I got my first digital camera from Fuji, in order to practice and be prepared for the first ad campaign that I shot a couple of weeks later on for that client.
It was really exciting.
Since then I tried various digital cameras of Canon, Nikon,Sony,Olympus Kodak,Hasseblad and more).
The Red Bushard Project is, actually, a personal visual diary, that I keep doing till these days.
Red Bushard is a character in a Western style soft cover books that I used to read as a kid, growing up in Tel Aviv.
Red Bushard was the deputy, and, for me, he represents the hard working cowboy who is behind the scenes, usually, riding high (...I mean fast...), solving the problems, taking care of business,nevertheless that the Sherif (Bill Carter....this was the name of the book series) might get all the glory and the exposure.
Red is , by comparison, the drummer in the band (And there's nothing wrong in being Phil Collins, let's say).
In any case, Red Bushard is a style of photography that I've been practicing since the 80's. It comes and goes...
One of my best series of the "Red Bushard" style is a series of photos I did back then (titled Israel 1983-4), which will see the day of light at some point this year.
The image I have here, in this post, is an image of a woman I took in a Church in The West Village, NY,circa 2002 while attending a wedding of my studio manager,Jennifer Gerardi, at the time.
This is one of the images that the amazing designer Allan Hori at was combinig with another image for the brochure, a very interesting practice he did a few times in the design of the piece.
We never printed the brochure....yet !

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