Friday, March 22, 2013

Everything Must Go_ solo exhibitoion of mine March 22nd_April 21st. 2013

“If you want to build the future, you very often build the future out of fragments from the past, So the past can be toolbox. The past can be the future. I think it is very important that we find a way through curating to actually engage in a global dialogue. That is something which exhibitions can do, in space and in time,  to try to resist the homogenization of time and space by creating very unexpected situations.”   Hans Ulrich Obrist
Everything Must Go is Rafael Fuchs’ sixth installation at Fuchs Projects since it was founded in August of 2012. This time its a foray into a conceptual exploration of new possibilities made of out-takes that he found in one bag of rejected images from different assignments that he shot in the past.  These images are now taken out of context, shuffled,  combined with images that were created by him for personal projects around the same time , and juxtaposed as pairs or as installations that create a new elusive content. In some cases, a simple method of turning an image upside down gives it  a second chance and makes it more pleasing esthetically, when the straight presentation of it is not flattering the subject in most common consciousness (as in the case of the images of Tony Shafrazi or Thelma Golden.)
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