Sunday, January 6, 2008

Limited edition

It was very liberating to see the joy of my daughter (almost 11 years of age)the other day, when I told her how much the images and my negatives will be worth in forty years, and that she will be the main heir.
She was realistic and skeptical, though, and said: "Maybe...maybe not.."
So, just to assure her, and demonstrate, I pulled one of the (about 600) boxes I have with negatives and archival prints (that I printed myself) of a dear friend of mine, whose portraits I took in the early 90's (I'm shooting mostly digital nowadays, though).
I told her the importance of me signing the images, and that I should do it, while I can ( I also told her the "funny" story I heard a while ago about Salvador Dali's wife, that brought a lot of painting and drawings to her husband to sign, as he was about to pass away).
I did spend some time today , signing (with archival pen, "on the verso") and creating the editions of the C-prints and a few 4x5 B&W polaroids of that specific box of images.
I made sure that the editions of the prints are very limited (sometimes just 2 or 3 prints in an edition), since I'd like these prints to be owned by only a few good people.
I did not tell my daughter that the images of my friend (except for the one with the smoke) were taken at The Chelsmore Hotel (where my friend was staying for about a the early 90's)just a week before she was attacked by a raper who forced his way to her room.
Luckily, she fought back,and the attacker ran away before he was able to commit his ugly crime.

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