Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Till We Bleed"

On view:  November 9th. - December 2nd.  2012 
Reception: Friday, November 9th.  6-9 pm

       Rafael Fuchs, renowned for his celebrity portraits and pioneering use of color photography continues to explore the photography media and its esthetics of presentation as well as the boundaries of erotic art.
Following the subversive notion of  “More Is Less”, Rafael is extending the technique he, first, embraced in the late 80’s of mosaic-like darkroom printing, and is using the computer to create dazzling images of multiplicity,  as in the work “Pears”(2012).
The exhibition highlights recent works ,mostly from the Summer of 2012.
The intimate and intense single portraits that were taken at the home-studio of the photographer as well as the grid-like large prints radiate with frantic energy.
Encouraged to express themselves , Rafael’s subjects were captured in a moment of being self conscious or self possessed.  For instance, the usage of ropes in some of the nude works was a suggestion of the subject.
This recent work that has a bite of gritty realism. explores different modes of portraiture, as role-playing, collaboration and documentation.
In the work “Prive”, Rafael is embracing what seems to be as a masturbating act of one of the subjects, and multiply it in his later prints, creating a seemingly decorative-like pattern, that reveals itself only from a closer look.
The title “Till We Bleed” refers. mostly, to the commitment to explore the boundaries of art and consensus in our contemporary culture. It also a homage to an impossible love.
Fuchs Projects is a contemporary art gallery located in Bushwick, Bklyn, NY
Our mission is to preserve, produce, create events and exhibit art works of emerging and mid-career artists who are a part of the Bushwick art evolution and are creating challenging, educating and titillating works that are related, especially, to the photography media.
Rafael Fuchs is a multiple awards winning photographer, residing in Bklyn, NY, who has been shooting for major publications, and produced 11 books of his personal work.  

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