Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bushwick Open Studios. The weekend of June 3d-5th, 2011

Photographed at the Swallow cafe on 49 Bogart St.
It's nice to see that people can concentrate and work with my photograph framed and displayed next to them.
There is an interesting connection between the subject and the object.

So, I'm in 5 different shows in this Bushwick Open Studios 2011 weekend (June 2nd-5th.)

The "main" event: About 30 prints (different sizes) from my Bushwick project at Swallow cafe (just below my studio on 49 Bogart St. )
I've had the prints for awhile there, but now, for the duration of the 3 days event, they are for sale for a really affordable special prices.
I also have new works in mixed media (silk screens with white contours of two nudes with crayon and acrilic) at
curbs&stoops as a part of the Bushwick Daily blog exhibition.  Hey, I'm expanding. Also available for sale.
Plus, I'm one of the "special guests" at Palmetto AIR with a video show that deal with environmental issues.
See 3 of the 5 options in this link :

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