Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Andrew Hetherington

I don't know how Andrew Hetherington is doing it !
It take me hours to do what, seemingly, taking him a few minutes ...(I'm talking about blogging here, not the other stuff.... please.)
He knows about everything that is going on in the photo universe.
On top of being an active photographer, he keeps such a fu@&*ng (Did I spell it right?)current and cool blog
He is a true inspirator (it's a word he's using a lot)
He told me about the party I attended today for which is a great place to self publish a book !!!
I am going to publish a few books there!
This is Andrew(on the right, with the beard), with Benjamin Lowy , who just sent NY magazine (the fashion issue) over 800 images he took (for the magazine) of behind the scenes at the fashion shows.

In the picture above you'll see (next to Andrew) Michael Costuros, the developer (and his better half,Kim Iglinsky) behind , the company that
enables you to create your own customized website (both Andrew's and my own website are through livebooks, as well as (allow me to drop another name here) Richard Avedon's website.

One of the books that I liked at the event (published via was titled Citizen" (see photo), by Ingvar Kenne who devides his time between NY and Sydney, Australia.

In the picture above you can see Ingvar (actually, his ear and beard) next to the photo agent Kristina Snyder.

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